If you have kids then you know how easy it is for their toys, books, stuffed animals, and their art and craft supplies to take over the whole house. So unless you live in a home with the unlimited amount of space, you need to have creative and beautiful way to store their ‘stuff.’

One of the biggest challenges of parenthood: what do you do with it all? And how do you store it in a way that won’t cost a fortune and will still look nice? Forget about the common toy boxes. The patented design gives the AYKASA folding crate specific characteristics and great advantages as the folding crates were primarily intended for every day industrial use. When not in use, the volume of the foldable crates can be reduced so it takes up only 16% of its original space! Plus, foldable crates are available in three different sizes, that will make carrying toys easy too, for any age.

The AYKASA folding crates are available in a many different colors to match your playroom theme, each has been carefully selected based on modern interior and design trends. This makes it very easy to color code their toys. Organizing them by color makes it easy for your kids to not only find the toys they want to play with, but it also makes it super simple and fun for them to clean up after when they are done playing.

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